March 4, 2013 6:56 pm

The walls come down….

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With a few big lifts, the new fir beams were placed on top of the post to hold up the second floor and roof as the interior walls came down at the Farmhouse this last weekend!  The newly open space will transform even more as we install windows across the back (overlooking the fields) and the left side (overlooking the orchard) as well as getting closer to insulation, drywall, and all that finish work.

Eventually, you'll be milling around this Great Room buying veggies, learning about preparing or storing them, eating some tasty special meals, and lots of other activities planned for the new Victory Farms!

Keep watching this website and our Facebook page for more updates! And be sure to check out the new location of The Yellow Umbrella where you might find some limited quantities of Victory Farms winter greens!

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