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SPECIAL NOTE: For the 2017 season, we will be simplifying things, so it looks like we won't collect for a pre-paid CSA this year. We will see you all at the Farmstands for lots of great Victory Farms produce, though, with the season likely starting around mid to late April!

The Victory Farms Membership Program is unique. Paying either $350 or $500 upfront, members receive their credit placed on a "debit" or gift-type card. You can spend whatever amount you like each week - we do not bag things for you or require you to purchase specific items. You might spend $10 one week and then $50 another because of family travel, visitors, parties, etc. You can come to any or all of the markets as well as the farm itself. We keep track of your balance on the card and debit each time you spend at a market. The flexibility of our system is truly appreciated by those with busy schedules as well as those who like being able to select their own produce.

And speaking of produce, we are recognized for some of the finest quality available in the area. We also offer a wide variety of varieties - in other words, not one kind of cucumber, but 4 or 5 kinds, probably types you've never seen before, but they're bound to become new favorites. Our growing methods are extremely natural and clean - no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other-cides are used in our fields. We work with a farmer-run program called Certified Naturally Grown which includes an annual application and inspection, that is even more stringent than the USDA certification program. And as a member, you'll have the chance to come out and see all that produce growing, participate in classes and workshops, attend Farm Dinners and lectures, book your meeting or event at discounted rates, attend our Annual Farm Party as well as other opportunities such as Gleaning Days.

All CSA members receive 10% off ALL SEASON AND POST-SEASON TOO! (with the exception of beef, chicken, and eggs)

Email us at if  you have any questions about our Membership program!

How much does it cost?

Community Supported Agriculture programs are managed in a variety of ways. We use a more flexible debit system. You pre-pay $500 or $350 for the season to be used at your own pace throughout the season. We run a 24-week season (from May - October). You receive your 10% discount all season. If you do not use up your full $500 or $350, we will accept it toward improvements on the farm. Unpaid balances are non-refundable and cannot be carried over to the next season. We are looking for serious veggie eaters - $20 a week provides a very do-able amount of produce for a couple or family who eats at home most of the time. Many singles share a share, though we've had plenty who ate an entire share themselves!

Members get 10% off ALL YEAR plus additional discounts for specials, bulk buying and opportunities for varieties not available to the general public. Central pickup locations at our Urban Farmstand in the Forest Hill Park neighborhood, and the new farm which is only 5 minutes past Rockett's Landing (4.5 miles from downtown!) and easy parking provide additional time-saving benefits. Access to the farmer at the Farmstands and at the farm during member's only tours, links you directly with who's growing your vegetables. A monthly newsletter with farm information and recipes is another great benefit as well as our Annual Farm Party, invitations to Farm Dinners, classes, workshops, volunteer opportunities, and more.

What is in a typical share selection?

Typical items which members can choose from include, but are not limited to salad mix, carrots, onions, radishes, spinach, arugula, head lettuce, turnips, herbs, Swiss chard, kale and other cooking greens, heirloom and cherry-size tomatoes, melons, beets, cucumbers, summer squash, winter squash, peppers, scallions, eggplant, kohlrabi, cabbage, broccoli, broccoli Raab, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sugar snap peas, apples from Henley's Orchard, and more, with SEASONAL VARIATION of course.

We will also feature Duling Farm eggs and whole chickens PLUS Nonna's Farm beef when available!! Duling Farm is run by our friends Steve and Christie Duling. Farmer Charlie helped them set up their operation several years ago, using large "chicken tractors" - moveable pens that provide the chickens with a change of grazing spots and the farmer with fertilization of the entire field. The Dulings use high-end, all natural feed and offer the finest eggs we've ever eaten!

Nonna's Farm beef are raised by another old friend of ours, Artie Sage, on his multi-generational Hanover farm. For years, Charlie has worked hard to "grow more growers," and this includes Artie (and the Dulings) whose hobby is turning into a viable business by changing to natural, sustainable practices that - for us - complete the cycle. Artie's cows are fed, particularly in the winter, in a section of his field where we build our compost piles. The manure is collected, as well as the spent/uneaten hay, and used to build Charlie's compost - the secret to our amazing vegetables! The beef we will have available this season will be from the closest cows to you!

Our prices are comparable to - if not better than - chain grocery stores, so your credit will get you a great selection of items throughout the season!

As a member, you're getting great value for the money. A 2007 member compared her share on a weekly basis to what she could have bought at a local natural food market and realized she saved a minimum of $600 for the season by being a Victory Farms member! Additionally, she noted her veggies were fresher and of higher quality.

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What are the Victory Farms CSA benefits?

  • a flexible debit system
  • choice of produce - not pre-bagged or boxed
  • Certified Naturally Grown vegetables
  • supporting a local, family farm
  • 10% off ALL YEAR!
  • getting to know your farmer and seeing where your produce is grown
  • high quality, wide variety, and many heirloom or hard-to-find vegetables
  • on-farm special events, Farm Dinners, classes, family activities, event rental discounts, and more!
  • bulk buying opportunities (apples, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.)
  • access to Duling Farm eggs and chickens and Nonna's Farm beef
  • access to limited items and priority purchasing on all items
  • a free Victory Farms insulated tote bag!
  • on-farm and farmstand volunteer options
  • ease of pre-paying for your produce
  • weekly produce availability emails
  • monthly newsletters
  • recipe sharing

Where are the pickup sites?

The 2016 pickup sites are finalized! See our Market Locations page for details.

Our program provides a great opportunity to receive a weekly supply of fresh, local, unconventional, Certified Naturally Grown produce that is full of both variety and taste. You’ll also receive recipe and preparation tips to help you get the most out of your share!  There's no better way to promote local foods and get the best produce in RVA at the same time!

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